The prince of the realm of fire


if I am a branch and Jesus is the vine.

I can’t say that my identity is the one of a sinner. For I am not my own, I died to my self and now I am resurrected in Him. If I proclaim to be a sinner I proclaim that the Son of God is a sinner. 

To try to sound humble by stating that we are still sinners, what that actually does is that makes you abolish what Jesus did in the cross. For if you believe that you will not be transformed until dead. You are call dead your savior, and calling Jesus a nice teacher. You are trying to transform yourself in your own effort and not resting in the grace of God. 

When I say I am a righteous saint, I do not boast on my effort to get my identity. I boast in the one who gave me my identity. 

I proclaim the power of the Gospel. For the Gospel is not just a good speech is a power that active and effective. (1 Co 4:20 1 Thess 1:5).

I am a branch and I depend on the vine. What ever I am and I proclaim about me is not brag about my effort, is about the Glorious gift that God has offer to mankind, His surpassing power that made it happen, and the intoxicating love with which He gave Himself. 

People think that when I proclaim who I am through Jesus, I am preaching a human-centered gospel. But the reality is that I am proclaiming an effortless and God-Glory-centered Gospel.